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CoRDA at TU Delft

"The Center of Research and Design in Architecture (CoRDA), as part of the winning team, together with UNLab and Openfabric were invited to present Berat Island Project in TU Delft, Friday on the 26th of June.

The event consisted of the introductory presentation of Atelier Albania, the organizers of urban design and architectural international competitions in Albania, CoRDA as a research unit attached to Epoka University and as the local partner of the winning team, UNLab being the architectural office with an expertise on public space and Openfabric as the architectural office specialized in landscape design.

The teams presented the Berat Island winning project “Research by Design: Exploring Resilience - Lifelines between Memory and Transformation” and introduced the next implementation phases of the process. The event was followed by professors and students at TU Delft.

Being present in professional architectural practices, CoRDA continues to play a significant role in the raising of potential individual and institutional collaborations in the department of architecture."

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