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A place for meditation is a design fully covered by the sense of time and space. But, mindfulness and tranquility are elements that can only prevail when the connection with nature can be just as vital as with your inner self.

In order to find this inner balance, a momentary detachment from nature can be of great gravity. In this respect, the meditation placentries to embrace the presence of nature and the simplicity of form by taking the viewer to a journey which elegantly maintains the component of surprise:

The Zen View!

The Earth Energies Sanctuary is developed in a concept of diversified activities, including not just accommodation and therapies, but a retreat of an intensified natural and farm experience. Our concept for the meditation cabin is based on the idea of proposing a place that is an integral part of this larger system. In this regard, at a broader scale, the project proposes a journey that starts from the therapeutic cluster, goes nearby the small water reservoir, passes down, in-between the forest and reaches the meditation cabin, which is located in an beautiful oasis surrounded by large Manuka trees.

After the meditation node, the journey continues in a spontaneous manner, within the dense forest where visitors can go through various atmospheres and have a physical, mental and spiritual refresh. In order to enhance the presence of nature,, the project proposes the planting of different vegetation along the path that connects the therapeutic buildings with the meditation space. This floral path will not provide just an attractive walking experience, but it can enrich the existing biodiversity of the farm and provide a supply for the activities of the retreat, related to therapy, essence making and other bio products.

This multifunctional meditation space allows for high flexibility and a multitude of experiences. Starting from the entrance which is combined with the altar of flowers, platforms, the fireplace, and finally the outdoor deck, they all prepare the physical conditions for an enhanced psychological experience which culminates with the zen view towards the forest. Through some very minimal interventions, the Zen Meditation Sanctuary comes as a very practical solution for adding architectural qualities to a fascinating natural environment.

Project Competition

Title: TINY KIWI Meditation Cabin

Location: New Zeland

Type: Competition / shortlist

Year: 2021

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