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Epoka Gate is the spatial situation of the edge condition between Epoka Campus and the National Road Tirana-Rinas. This spatial situation is the interpretation of the dualistic characteristics between the high speed vehicular linearity of the road, and the pedestrian stilly nature of the campus. It is the synoptically space of movement. The Epoka Gate’s robust/vigorous structure is the result of this dual mood.

Being the first visual contact, and creating a tangential form of communication with the eye, has called for the expressive need of the Gate. In this context the approach is between the rapid nature of the road and the static position of the Gate. The major approach from the two sides rather than from the front, invites the Gate to create perspective visual communication rather than frontal. Thus, its geometrical development is composed towards the longest viewpoints, defining the transitional space to the campus.

The whole spatial situation of the edge is composed of the entering point, the Gate, and the linear walls. The Gate consists of the shelter like structure and the security unit. The raised planar surface of the shelter embraces the space to the ground. While the security unit acts as a cubicle to control/divide the entrance and the exit.

The walls define the edge of the campus creating visual porosity between two situations. Their angular setting allows a vision of the other situation on one side, while it becomes a surface for the lettering on the other. Their waving height emphasizes the density of space required at the entrance and exit point. The pavement and greenery pattern follows the flow of the people movement through these two different situations.

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