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The building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is located along the river Lana on the Boulevard Jeanne D'Arc. It was built in the 80s in collaboration between the Albanian and Chinese architects. The minister's office is located on the ground floor on the main facade in the south – east orientation. Currently the office is furnished modestly and has a functional diagram not very efficient especially in the area of services. The other issue, currently unresolved, is the lighting, which is not well distributed and with different shades.

Based on the requests of the Minister, we have presented a project in line with the style and characteristics of the whole building. The project aims to reach a distribution of assets, within the office, in a more functional and appropriate way even in relation to the protocol. Moreover the project includes the refurbishment of the office, such as envisioning the atmosphere and designing the corner for receiving the homologues and international delegations; presenting a new functional layout for the working corner of the minister including the custom designed working table, the shook- shelve; the lighting fixtures, and greenery; reorganizing the area of the meetings, introducing new contemporary meeting table; renovating the service areas etc.

Special attention is paid to the presence and use of elements presenting the Albanian history, tradition and culture, which will enrich the atmosphere of the Minister of Foreign Affairs office. In fact, the project is based on the principle of contrast and balance of tradition and contemporary, trough the use of furniture belonging to the Albanian tradition (at receiving homolog corner and working corner) and those distinctly contemporary (corner meetings and lighting).

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